Saturday, December 15, 2012

My first rights!

I went to vote today!(。・д・)ノ
It's my first time!
I'm legal to do it 4 days ago afterall (・ω・)ノ
Well then, today is, the birthday event ヽ(*^∇^*)ノ
I'm really looking forward to it
*heart thumping*
Are you looking forward to it?
It should be great ー(*・∀・)ノ
I wonder what kind of an event would it turn out to be?


fufui~ (*ゝω・*)
I went to take a peek at the event hall for tomorrow ヽ(*^∇^*)ノ
It's a really beautiful room, I'm really looking forward to it ー( ・∀・ )
After that  Iwent to Akihabara's new Pasera
And practised for the requested song (^-^)/
Its full of songs that I have no idea about
I'm 80% good already (*・ω・*)
So everyone please look forward to it! ー(・ω・)ノ
I'll be waiting for it ー(・ω・)ノ

That's right, an angel

Good evening~
Is my beloved dog, Monica's
Congratulation Monica!
What did I call her?
She's making some faces
but she's 2 years old noww~
For a dog 2 years human time would be…
Around 24 years old right?
She's older isn't she?
It's not a dog?
That's right
She's an angel
Forgive me
I'm mistaken
No matter your age
I love you!!!
I'm practising for the birthday event
Working hard on the request song
Please look forward to it~ shooting star~4

Thursday, December 13, 2012


Good evening!―☆
Earlier this week
My family had celebrated my birthday~♪♪
We went to a shop that we frequently go since I was a child
a Mediteranean Restauran

The present is..
A surprise accessory! ー☆

It's special because I'm an adult now
A Betelgeuse is a star shaped it seems
There are days when we quarrel and stuff
Family is really the best
I have to return the favors when I can
I've been uploading so many pics about food
Now I'm starting to feel a little hungry
From now on
the 16th December event's request
I'm training for it!
Even so
There's just so many requested song that I have no idea about (゜o゜)
I'll do my best!

☆Celebrating adulthood☆

Good morning
Yesterday was the beginning of the celebration
Thank you for all the birthday greetings! (*・ω・*)
My life as a 19 years old…
There were many good byes
but, even more than that were the many great meetings (///ω///)
The 20 years old me, is going to just make sure that all these great meetings are strengthen even more ヽ(*´ω`)y
with that, although I'm only like this, please look after me (*゚ω`人)
well then, yesterday I was treated to eat Yakiniku ー(●゚д゚●)
It was my first time eating the heart and tail
The storekeeper was kind enough to even bring the big ones ε-(o´ω`o)
however.. What's that?
Ororo~ ε-(o´ω`o)
I'm not underage anymore, I'm already legal so…
Starting from tomorrow, I'm going to try the many things that I could not do before
I'm still a child at heart but slowly and surely I'm going to try out all these adult flavour in the world (●・ω・)/
Yup, this is just how I am, but please look after me! ♪
There's school and then quickly there's a job waiting
Its really cold but I'll do my best! ☆
Celebrating Birthday like a Bawse

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Testing with this Post!

Hello everyone~ Good day!
Its 早乃香織 (Hayano Kaoru)
In commemoration with my birthday… Today I'm going to start blogging
It'll be great if I can keep on writing about the various things in life
Please do comment on the blog
I'll be in your care~!!!

Birthday Girl~ 12 12 2012!